I moved to Madison in 1988 to attend grad school at the UW, where, concerned by the threat of global environmental crises, I studied natural resource economics.  Before long I was going up north to places like Butternut Lake as the treaty-rights dispute was heating up.

I started Tag Team Productions in 1992, which eventually became True Endeavors. In the years since, I’ve had the privilege of organizing over 2500 events in clubs and theaters in Madison.  it’s been my great joy to build community and bring people together around music.  Together we raised tens of thousands of dollars for various non-profits.   I was able to use my skills as an event organizer during the 2011 Uprising, bringing national touring musicians to the Capitol for the Act 10 protests. In 2006 I purchased my home in the district on Keyes Ave.

I’ve spent the last 25 years bringing people together around music and I’m running for city council to bring people together around the ideas that will make Madison a place where everyone can thrive.